Sphynx kittens for Sale/Adoption In USA
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We are a family-based cattery that loves helping true cat lovers find the perfect addition to their family. We have a great variety of silver, white, black and blue colors for Sphynx kittens. We are one of the best Sphynx cattery in the USA. We offer you best healthy Sphynx kittens of different colors! We offer our kittens shipping domestic interstate (USA and CANADA) – if the trip will not be so difficult for the kitten we can also ship worldwide.

At Giant Sphynx Kittens, all cats and kittens are registered with TICA. We are also members of TIBCS and New Vision Cat Club. Your kitten will come to you with registration forms for both associations and will be eligible to show with either association. Our cattery also meets USDA/APHIS regulations for breeding facilities.

The most distinctive feature of the sphynx cat is its appearance of hairlessness. The Sphynx is of medium size and body conformation with substantial weight for its size. Females are generally smaller than males. The head shape is a modified wedge, with prominent cheekbones and whisker pads giving a squared appearance to the muzzle. The body is warm and soft to the touch, with a skin texture akin to either a soft peach or a smooth nectarine. The Sphynx is sweet-tempered, lively, intelligent, and amenable to handling. My Sphynx cats and Sphynx kittens are part of our family. Sphynx kittens are ready to go to their new homes when they are socialized and ready for their new environment around 10-14 weeks old.

We care about our clients and making sure your new family member makes a smooth adjustment into their home.    

sphynx kittens come in all colors

I love talking with potential owners about my Sphynx hairless kittens and sharing pictures  I am very proud of all of my hairless cats. I hope you enjoy browsing my website and viewing the photos of my Sphynx cats and kittens. Our sphynx kittens come in all colors. Including black, white, blue, tabby, points,  minks, and occasionally odd eyed:)